Crypto and Digital Assets Law and Regulation

December 8, 2023

Members of Chambers are delighted to have worked on this authoritative new title – Crypto and Digital Assets Law and Regulation – due for publication by Sweet & Maxwell UK on the 15th December.

The 1st edition of this book, written and edited by Charlie Kerrigan (CMS), is an innovative and definitive look at the law of crypto and digital assets. The Disputes chapter is written by David Brownbill KC, Edward Cumming KC, Sarah Bayliss, Oliver Assersohn, Tom Stewart Coats, Ben Waistell and Charles Strachan and considers trends emerging from recent decisions in the English High Court as well as, where relevant, complementary or differing trends from other Commonwealth or offshore jurisdictions, and the focus for potential future battlegrounds. It does this by reference to three broad areas of focus:

  • Disputes arising out of the nature and regulation of cryptoassets under financial services legislation;
  • Wider commercial disputes; and
  • Insolvency proceedings.


Crypto and Digital Assets Law and Regulation, 1st edition

Crypto and digital assets include everything from Bitcoin to bonds to Bored Apes to buildings. They are both a new asset class and a means of digitalisation of traditional financial markets. They are also the currency of the next stage of the internet. In this unique and definitive new book, Charles Kerrigan and a range of expert contributors analyse the law on crypto and digital assets in an integrated way that provides strong guidance and all the answers that practitioners working in this new (and difficult) area of the law need to know.

Crypto and Digital Assets Law and Regulation provides a thorough yet concise explanation of legal fundamentals such as cryptoasset regulation in the UK, Europe and the USA, and the legal principles relating to block chain and distributed ledger technologies. It clearly explains key concepts such as smart contracts, payments, tokenisation, central bank digital currencies, stablecoins, digital asset exchanges, wallets, lending transactions, security interests, decentralised finance, yield, NFTs, blockchain and crypto analytics, fundraising, venture capital investment, taxation, personal data and the blockchain, intellectual property, outsourcing, disputes and restructuring and insolvency.


Commentary on Crypto and Digital Assets Law and Regulation

“An audacious book…with intellectual heft, sophistication and well-judged creativity. There is very little in the legal world of digital assets that is not subjected to a rigorous analysis here…the go-to reference point for those working in this sphere.”
– Professor Sarah Green, Law Commissioner for Commercial and Common Law, Law Commission of England and Wales

To view the Foreword by Professor Sarah Green (Law Commissioner for Commercial and Common Law, Law Commission of England and Wales) and the author’s Preface please click here.


Further details on Crypto and Digital Assets Law and Regulation

ISBN:  9780414115101

Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell

Publication Date:  15 Dec 2023

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