Licensed access

Instructing a barrister

Under the Licensed Access Scheme, our barristers can accept instructions from professional individuals and organisations granted a licence by the Bar Council, without the need for a solicitor. To help understand the process, below is our guidance as to how we can assist.

Licensed access is a licensing system whereby organisations or individuals who are suitable to instruct barristers, because they have expertise in particular areas of the law, can apply to the Bar Council to be licensed to instruct barristers directly in those areas. The licence can cover advice or representation, or both, and permit licensees to instruct barristers either on their own affairs or on behalf of their clients.

If one of our barristers agrees to accept your instruction under the Licensed Access Scheme, we will require ID documentation from you in order to carry out Anti-Money Laundering checks.

In all cases, we will require:

  • Photographic ID (such as a full UK driving licence or passport); and
  • A recent utility bill at your current address (which must not be dated more than three months before your enquiry).

If you are acting on behalf of a company, you will also be required to produce a certified copy of Certificate of Incorporation, evidence that you are authorised to act on behalf of the company, and a copy of the company’s latest statutory accounts filed at Companies House.

For more information about licensed access please see the Bar Council website.

Further guidance is available from the Bar Council here.

Fee and time parameters

Please contact our practice management team who will:

  • Advise you on the experience, availability and suitability of the barristers at XXIV Old Buildings
  • Discuss particular issues relating to how you instruct us
  • Provide you with the hourly rate charges for the barrister you wish to engage as part of the selection process
  • Discuss fees pursuant to the instructions and relevant information presented by you as the client to set out a fixed price for the initial work
  • Upon the fee being approved, we will provide you with details to pay counsel before commencing with the work
  • In the event of circumstances in which fees may vary, and likely increase, liaise in advance of the work being undertaken to discuss the additional cost that will be charged either on a further fixed fee or hourly rate basis by the barrister
  • Unless specified, VAT will be applicable to counsel’s fees
  • In addition to professional fees, there may be costs to be paid, such as travel or accommodation or other incidental expenses. VAT will be added if applicable.

Terms of business

As the engagement is licensed access, instructions are accepted on our default contractual terms and conditions. We will also request that you complete our Anti-Money Laundering letter that will be sent as part of the engagement process.

Please contact the practice management team on 020 7691 2424 or if you have any enquiries.

Upon request, all of our information can be made available in hard copy format.