Our application process

Ed Cumming

Our applications window for pupillage commencing in October 2024 and 2025 will run from 12.01am on 3 January 2024 to 11:59pm on Wednesday 7 February 2024.

XXIV Old Buildings conducts its own bespoke application process for pupillage.

We do not think that you should be limited in the number of sets to which you can apply, and by developing and managing our own application process – which takes account of the fact that pupillage applications are time-consuming and that applicants are likely to have other academic and work commitments – we believe we have formulated a rigorous and fair system that allows us to select the best candidates for pupillage, irrespective of background. Our carefully-designed pathway, from application to offer, is part of our commitment to equality and diversity at the Bar.

We therefore invite applications between 12.01am on 3 January 2024 to 11:59pm on Wednesday 7 February 2024 (i.e. in accordance with the Pupillage Gateway timetable) using our own (genuinely short, and, we hope, genuinely user-friendly and straightforward) bespoke online form.  N.B. We do not use the Pupillage Gateway application platform to process or administer our applications.

All applicants will receive details by email of how to perform an online aptitude test, which will have to be completed during the week ending 9 February 2024. Please email our Pupillage Co-ordinator, Edward Cumming KC, (at pupillage@xxiv.co.uk) as soon as possible if you think we might be able to make any reasonable accommodations to cater for your particular circumstances.

Those candidates who perform well below average on the aptitude test will be eliminated.  We shall then assess and score the application forms of the top-scoring candidates on the test.  The 40 candidates with the highest scores will be invited to interview.  If you are invited to interview we may ask you to send a CV and covering letter to chambers a couple of days before your interview (such that it may make sense to prepare these in advance).

The interviews will be in a structured format.  We will endeavour to conduct them in chambers in the week commencing 19 February 2024 (probably during the afternoons of Monday 19 February 2024 and Tuesday 20 February 2024).  Please note that applicants’ aptitude test scores will not be made available to the interviewers.

The 12 candidates who perform best at interview will be invited to the final round selection day.  We anticipate that it will involve you being invited to prepare for and take part in (i) an advocacy exercise, (ii) a group discussion exercise, and (iii) an unseen written exercise. You will also have some talks from our tenants about our chambers and our work. The day is likely to last from about 9.30am until about 5pm and our intention is for it to take place on Saturday 24 February 2024. We suggest that you ensure, before you apply, that you can come to London for the whole of that day. The aim of the day is not only for us to evaluate your potential as pupils and tenants of chambers, but also to give you an opportunity to learn more about us and our work.

Offers of pupillage will be made at 9.30am on Friday 10 May 2024 (i.e. in accordance with the Pupillage Gateway timetable).

If you have any questions or concerns about our pupillage application process, please contact our Pupillage Co-ordinator, Edward Cumming KC, by email at pupillage@xxiv.co.uk.

You can also follow us on X (formerly Twitter) (@XXIVpupillage) for further updates.

Full details of the selection process, including the objective criteria which we apply throughout the process, are in our Pupillage and Recruitment Policy.

We take particular pride in our transparent, meticulous, and friendly application process.  We operate an equal opportunities policy and recruit without regard to race, colour, ethnic or national origin, nationality, citizenship, sex, gender re-assignment, sexual orientation, marital or civil partnership status, disability, age, religion or belief, fertility health, pregnancy, or maternity. As part of the process, we actively seek out potential mitigating circumstances with a view to making reasonable adjustments to cater for applicants’ particular circumstances.

Edward Cumming KC