XXIV Old Buildings is a proud signatory of the Equal Representation in Arbitration Pledge

November 28, 2023
XXIV Old Buildings

In recognition of the under-representation of women on international arbitral tribunals, the Equal Representation in Arbitration (ERA) Pledge seeks to increase, on an equal opportunity basis, the number of women appointed as arbitrators in order to achieve a fair representation as soon practically possible, with the ultimate goal of full parity.

XXIV Old Buildings is proud to become a corporate signatory and support the objectives and aims of the ERA Pledge. In addition, several barristers and staff have signed the pledge in an individual capacity and sit on the UK Bar Subcommittee (Lyndsey de Mestre KC).

For further information, or to become a signatory, visit: http://www.arbitrationpledge.com/take-the-pledge