Timothy Sherwin writes for Trusts & Estates Law and Tax Journal

Timothy Sherwin’s article Tax planning: It’s good to give appeared in January’s edition of the Trusts & Estates Law and Tax Journal.

In his article, Timothy discusses how attorneys under lasting powers of attorney (“LPAs”) are severely restricted in making gifts on behalf of the donor of the LPA (“P”). However, Timothy explains, a recent case in the Court of Protection has opened the door to very substantial gifts being made, on behalf of P, by the court as part of efficient inheritance tax structuring. This promises to become an important factor in an attorney’s planning where P is independently wealthy, to which possibility advisers should be astute.

Timothy is experienced in and comfortable with all manner of Court of Protection, estates, probate and succession cases.

Please contact him to discuss any questions relating to LPAs, or if you are interested in hearing him talk about this topic.


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