Hugh Miall speaking on AI-enabled fraud at London International Investigations and Asset Recovery Conference (LIIARC)

21 November 2023
Portrait of Hugh Miall Barrister XXIV Old Buildings

Hugh Miall will join a panel to discuss ‘AI-enabled fraud – how worried should we be?’ at London International Investigations and Asset Recovery Conference (LIIARC) taking place on 21-23 November 2023.

Hugh will be joined on the panel by Olivia Dhein (RPC) and Robert Capper (Ankura). The session will be moderated by Chris Whitehouse (RPC).

LIIARC is a community that unites professionals and experts across investigations and asset recovery. The conference will take place in central London and provide a platform for knowledge exchange, networking and collaboration.

The panel session will discuss the challenge of AI-enabled fraud and what can be done about it including:

  • The significance and functionality of large language models ‘LLMs’.
  • How LLMs are being or may be leveraged by fraudsters.
  • The key legal issues and challenges that arise from AI-enabled fraud.
  • A forensic perspective on deepfake technology.
  • The AI powered tools available to fraud practitioners to combat fraud.

Date: Tuesday, 21 November

Time: 10.30 – 12.00

Venue: RPC, Tower Bridge House, E1W 1AA

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