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  • Contact details

  • Please note that we will contact you via this email address during the application process and it is your responsibility to check for emails from us.
  • Please note that we may wish to contact you by phone during the application process. Please provide a number on which we can contact you in this period.
  • Please note that the personal details you have entered above will be used for administrative purposes only and will not be available to anybody selecting candidates for interview. We are required by the Bar Standards Board to collect data on applicants and we ask you to provide the following information. However you are under no obligation to provide it, and it will not be used to evaluate your application for pupillage. No one involved in the pupillage selection process will see this section of your application form or learn of its contents during the process. The data will be anonymised and reviewed as required and in accordance with rule C110, specifically rule C110(3)(f) of the Handbook and the BSB Handbook Equality Rules, Section 6.

  • Equality & diversity

  • Read guidance as to ethnic group, or guidance as to disability group.

    If you need us to make any adjustment for any disability during the selection procedure please let us know as early as possible.

    You will be selected for interview based solely on the sections of this form after this point. The data provided above this line will be used for administrative and monitoring purposes only and will not be available to those involved in selection.