Matthew Watson writes on cutting edge succession issues for STEP Journal

27 January 2020

Matthew Watson and Julia Burns (an independent mediator at Dove in the Room and contentious trusts and probate solicitor at Merali Beedle) have written a joint article for the STEP Journal (Whose skin is it anyway? Vol. 27 (10), pp.68-69, Jan 2020) considering the issues raised by new technology permitting the removal of tattoos shortly after death and their preservation as artwork.

In the absence of any guidance from the courts, Matthew and Julia consider whether testamentary gifts of tattoos might be possible, the obligations personal representatives may owe in relation to post-death tattoo removal and the approach the courts might take to succession disputes.

Matthew and Julia will be speaking on this and related topics at the forthcoming ConTrA Trusts in Litigation conference in Helsinki on 6-7 February 2020.