Matthew Watson pens article with former senior insolvency judge

7 August 2019

Former Chief Bankruptcy Registrar, Stephen Baister, and Matthew Watson have written an article published on 5 August 2019 for the leading academic journal, Insolvency Intelligence (Steven Frieze and Prof. David Milman eds.).

The article, entitled What’s the record? Where’s the file? Insolv. Int. 2019, 32(3), 85-88, reviews the insolvency courts’ rules and practices on applications by interested parties to obtain information from court records and files. The article comments on the disconnect that has arisen since 2010 regarding the court’s registers of insolvency proceedings between the court’s practice and the framework provided by the Insolvency Rules. This is an issue with which the 2016 Insolvency Rules failed to grapple, but the authors posit a solution to any difficulties based upon the more liberal regime in CPR 5.4 which now arguably applies in insolvency proceedings.

The article is available online on Westlaw (subscription required) and through other online academic journal platforms.

Matthew’s practice covers the range of company and insolvency work. He was part of the team of lawyers and judges who drafted the new Insolvency Practice Direction 2018 and sits as the junior barrister member on the Bankruptcy and Companies Court Users’ Committee.