London International Disputes Week 2021

6 May 2021

London International Disputes Week 2021

As a founding member of London International Disputes Week, XXIV Old Buildings is very pleased to have co-hosted two sessions during this year’s event. Heather Murphy spoke at the following member-hosted webinars:

Malleable memory – witness recollection in the face of data overload

DATE: 12 May 2021

An international panel discussion, co-hosted with Stevens & Bolton, looking at the challenges of obtaining reliable witness evidence in international disputes. The discussion will consider:

  • Different approaches taken in different jurisdictions and their advantages and drawbacks
  • The steps that lawyers can usefully and legitimately take to help their clients prepare to give witness evidence.
  • How recollection evidence is impacted by the volume of contemporaneous electronic communications
  • How practitioners can obtain the best evidence without inadvertently causing that evidence to change?
  • Whether reforms to the CPR help or hinder this process

Speakers: Raymond Aghaian (Partner, Kilpatrick Townsend), Emanuele Breggia (Partner, Hilex), Nick Dunne (Partner, Walkers) and Sarah Murray (Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution, Stevens & Bolton).

Click here to view the recording of this event on our YouTube channel .

Are virtual hearings here to stay?

DATE: 14 May 2021

We are delighted to have co-hosted this session with Stevens & Bolton, Baker McKenzie and KPMG. As the pandemic hit in 2020 Baker McKenzie and KPMG UK surveyed civil and commercial court users to explore their experience and perceptions of virtual hearings and mediations. Six months on we explore key issues around this theme. Are virtual hearings and mediations here to stay? What challenges do they present? What advantages might they have? Join our panel discussion (chaired by Charles Thomson) to hear a range of first-hand views from the perspectives of the judiciary, clients, solicitors, advocates and experts, looking back at the survey findings but also looking ahead as the landscape continues to evolve.

Speakers: Charles Thomson (Partner, Baker McKenzie), Henry Garfield (Partner, Baker McKenzie), Amanda Brown QC (Partner, KPMG) and Sarah Murray (Partner, Stevens & Bolton).

Click here to view the recording of this event on our YouTube channel and here for an insight on the challenges and benefits of virtual hearings.