Helen Galley speaking at the Charity Law Conference 2017

12 May 2017

Helen Galley will be speaking at the Annual Charity Law Conference today where she will be talking about:

Fighting Inheritance Act Claims – A Guide for Charities

Helen Galley, XXIV Old Buildings

Has Illott v Mitson changed the law and what has been its impact on the making of Inheritance Act claims and the Court’s decisions on them? What are the obligations of Charities when faced by a claim? Are they under any obligation to fight or to settle?

This session will cover:

  • General points in relation to Inheritance Act claims including comment on growth areas
  • Illott v Mitson – what does it say and how has it changed the law, if at all
  • The position of charities generally as defendants to claims
  • Do charities have an obligation to seek to uphold the will of the testator?
  • When and how to go about settlement of a claim

Download Helen’s talk.