XXIV Old Buildings Caribbean Conference 2021

22 Apr 2021

XXIV Old Buildings Caribbean Conference 2021

Thursday 22nd April 2021 from 3pm (EST)/ 4pm (AST) via Zoom

Speakers and topics include:

Stuart Adair: “Email Hacking – who picks up the tab?” Stuart explores the issue of where liability for losses arising from business email compromise should fall. Should liability fall on the seller, whose email account is hacked or the buyer who makes payment to the wrong bank account? View the handout here and slides here.

Oliver Assersohn and Emma Hughes: “Vanishing thieves – is all lost?” Alternative routes to recovery in the case of authorised push payment fraud where the thief has disappeared or is impecunious, with a particular focus on an emerging area of solicitor liability for failing to safeguard client details. View the slides here.

Bajul Shah, Nicole Langlois and Timothy Sherwin: “No more Samba time!” For decades Courts in common law jurisdictions have fashioned legal principles and remedies to assist the victims of fraud. But is the tide turning?  Recent cases such as Byers v Samba and Republic of Mozambique v Privinvest have thrown up surprising roadblocks in the way of claimants bringing fraud claims. Bajul, Nicole and Timothy discuss some of these recent developments and their potential impact on fraud litigation. View the slides here.

Steven Thompson QCHugh Miall and James Fennemore: “Whose power is it anyway?” Steven, Hugh and James discuss strategies for curing and exploiting circumstances in which powers appear not to have been exercised by the correct people. View the slides here.

Edward Cumming QCSarah Bayliss and Andrew Holden: “Rage Against the Dying of the Light…Issues of capacity in trust and business structures” Litigators are increasingly grappling with knotty problems that can arise when key figures in trust or business structures may have dwindling capacity to manage their affairs. Edward, Sarah and Andrew discuss how to pre-empt and tackle issues arising where a wealthy individual with commercial interests may be losing or have lost capacity to manage their affairs.

Chaired by Stephen Moverley Smith QC

Please click here to view a recording of the event on YouTube.

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