Elspeth Talbot Rice KC speaking on Modern Families at Transcontinental Trusts Bermuda 2023

6 July 2023
Elspeth Talbot Rice KC

Elspeth Talbot Rice KC will present at Transcontinental Trusts: Bermuda 2023 on 6th July 2023. The panel will discuss ‘Modern families: what does this mean for trusts and wills for issue?’

Modern families: what does this mean for trusts and wills for “issue”?

  • Does a reference to “issue” include illegitimate or adopted children?
  • What about children born as a result of surrogacy arrangements?
  • Does a child born as a female who later choses to identify as a male fall within a class of “male issue” (and vice versa)? Does a full gender reassignment make a difference to the answer to this question?
  • Has the firewall legislation in a number of the offshore jurisdictions (including Bermuda) created an unforeseen problem in discerning a (foreign) person’s status (as legitimate/illegitimate, a child or issue of the testator/settlor, male/female etc)?

Elspeth will be joined on the panel will Jeffrey Elkinson, Director at Conyers.

The TransTrusts Bermuda conference offers a full review of current challenges in transcontinental trusts and allows participants to connect with the entire breadth of the offshore industry, creating purposeful engagement within the whole private client intermediary network.

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