Definitive new book on Trust Protectors

11 October 2011

This new definitive work on the law relating to protectors of trusts covers:

  • the appointment of protectors
  • their powers, duties and rights
  • control of their powers
  • removal from office

It sets out the traditional rules of equity relating to the regulation of fuduciaries, examining how fiduciary doctrine applies to the protectors. It also deals with novel and interesting problems that have yet to be resolved in the case law and seeks to guide practitioners through these issues.

It is a practical manual on this developing area of law, citing legislation and authorities from all the leading onshore and offshore trust jurisdictions, providing full and systematic coverage of the protector concept. Precedents are included which will assist with drafting protector clauses in trust instruments.

Copies are available from Jordans priced £95.00 (ISBN 978 1 84661 252 7).